About us


During the last three decades, Iñaki Sampedro has been designing handbags, wallets, jewelry, and other exclusive items, such as collection boxes and iron sculptures.

Born in the peninsula and established in Ciutadella for decades, he created in 1983 the store that bears his name.

With an autodidact character, he mixes Mediterranean styles with touches acquired during his travels in Asia and America.

All his products are handmade in Menorca, from its cutting to its printing or stitching. In addition, the artist Enrique Mestre Jaime performs a line of handpainted handbags.

Small details are kept with special care in order to meet the desired features, and the best leathers are chosen and given an exclusive and crafted treatment.



Since some time ago, Enrique Mestre-Jaime works with the creation of magnificent paintings forhandbags and hand painted accessories.

With the fusion of Iñaki Sampedro's designs andEnrique Mestre-Jaime's paintings and thehandmade process that follows, some unique pieces emerge that are unique and unrepetible foreach season, with models both for men and women.

Enrique has performed both individual andcollective exhibitions, as well as created a wide range of paintings, etc.

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